Invest alongside leading crypto fund managers

Get started in 1 minute or less with as little as 50$. Deposit and redeem any time, no lockups. Full transparency.

Invest alongside any asset manager in 3 easy steps

Valio is non-custodial. Withdraw any time - no lockups
Find the right fit
Make sure you pick the right risk profile
Keep track of the manager's performance regularly
Withdraw any time
Withdraw any time after the initial 24h security lockup

Are you a fund or an asset manager?

Here’s why you should use Valio
Attract more AUM
Serve a broader base of LPs
Non-custodial, simple compliance

Set up and deploy your vault

Configure your vault settings such as fees, design and various permissions. Anyone can set up and deploy their vault permissionlessly.

Allocate capital on behalf of your depositors

Depositors have full transparency of actions performed in the vault and can exit any time.

Earn fees and build a track record

The better your performance, the more you stand to make.

Omnichain access from a single vault

Vault managers can not be limited to a single network. They need access to the largest possible asset universe, which spans Web3. Valio asset managers have access to protocols on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and others. All from a single vault


Want to learn more?

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  • Why should I deposit in a vault?

    Building a portfolio of digital assets is really hard. Unless you come from a technical background and have 70+ hours per week to spend, it will be really difficult to find the best opportunities in the digital asset market. Instead, you can let experienced traders and digital asset managers do it for you!
  • How to deposit in a vault?

    You will first need some USDC or USDC.e on the Arbitrum network. Then proceed to the home or explore pages in order to find the right vault for you! You can deposit in as many vaults as you like.
  • Are the vault managers trusted?

    Anyone can become a vault manager! However, to succeed as a vault manager, your performance will have to speak for you. Vault managers can remain anonymous, and they don't need to be trusted, thanks to the CPIT framework developed by Valio.
  • When can I withdraw?

    You can withdraw at any time after the initial 24h lockup period. You are in control at all times.
  • Can a vault manager just steal my funds?

    No, thanks to the CPIT framework developed by Valio, managers can not steal your funds. Make sure you read the full risk disclaimer.
  • I'm good at trading. Why should I become a manager on Valio?

    Simple! You can start building a track record with as little as 50 USD of your own capital, no fees will be charged. The better your performance, the more people will see you, and will want to back you. You earn performance and management fees from the capital that you manage, no strings attached!
  • What type of traders or asset managers is Valio for?

    All kinds! Valio is the home for all types of asset managers - fundamental researchers, long term allocators, short term narrative traders and everything in between. When creating a vault, make sure to set the description accordingly.
  • How is Valio different from other asset management protocols?

    Other protocols restrict manager trading to just a few assets on a single network. It's unrealistic for managers to perform under those constraints. Valio is the first product to offer managers the flexibility that they need in order to generate returns.