Bet on your favourite traders and let them make money for you

Valio is the talent discovery marketplace connecting traders and asset managers to capital in a trustless and non-custodial way. Built on

Back any trader in 3 easy steps

Valio is non-custodial. Withdraw any time - no lockups
Select manager and fund
Make sure you pick the right risk profile
Deposit and monitor
Keep track of the manager's performance regularly
Withdraw any time. No lockups
Withdraw any time after the initial 24h security lockup

Become a manager now

Anyone can be come a manager and create their own vaults - permissionlesly
Trade and build a public track record
Be discovered by depositors
Earn management & performance fees

Set up and deploy your vault

Configure your vault settings such as fees, design and various permissions. Anyone can set up and deploy their vault permissionlessly.

Allocate capital on behalf of your depositors

Depositors have full transparency of actions performed in the vault and can exit any time.

Earn fees and build a track record

The better your performance, the more you stand to make.

Omnichain is the future

Asset managers need access to the best prices and deepest liquidity wherever it is. They shouldn’t have to worry about chains and bridges. delivers a seamless omnichain asset management experience, powered by Layer0. Access spot markets on Ethereum, perpetuals on Arbitrum, options on Optimism and much more

Transparent and secure DAO treasury management

Make your treasury work for you. Access unique and diversified strategies to ensure stable wealth creation. Intuitive, transparent, secure.